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Iris the Painter

Involved mother of a teenage daughter with a congenital (progressive) hearing impairment. Involved in Worldwide Visible since the beginning and owner of Worldwide Visible since the summer of 2018. Together with her daughter she wants to increase the visibility of the hearing impaired and (suddenly) deaf with positivity and communication. By offering solutions with the Limited Hearing symbol.

Creon Burgmeijer

Creon is Iris' life partner. In their composite family of 4 teenagers, the hearing impairment of one of the daughters also plays a role. He uses these daily experiences to help other hearing impaired people and their (direct) environment to be visible. To think from opportunities and not from limitations. Creon is an involved (bonus) father with a marketing heart. SInds 2008 he is active at financial institutions on an interim basis. Since the summer of 2018 he is responsible for marketing and sales within Worldwide Visible.

Cor Toonen 

Cor has suddenly been deaf since he was 14 years old and therefore has over sixty years of experience expertise at his disposal! Cor is now retired, but by profession he is a mechanical designer. And, you guessed it, he is the designer of the Limited Hearing sign. He, too, started looking for the ideal information/warning sign out of his own need. During a holiday in France, he took a stroll along a country road. All the time he was watching to see if nothing was coming, but it happened to him that an agricultural tractor suddenly passed him. From that moment on, he was very frightened and realised that he might not have heard the honking of the tractor. On the other hand, he could not expect the driver to know that Cor did not hear him coming and would be so frightened. Fortunately he walked straight, because if he had just taken a step aside at that moment it would not have ended well. Then Cor realised that he wanted and had to make his hearing loss visible! For his own safety and the safety of others. The SH sign that was for sale in the Netherlands was obviously not sufficient in France. The international blue/white symbol did not suffice either, because it is not sufficiently conspicuous in traffic and is often associated with induction loop systems in buildings. An internationally accessible sign, of solid quality, which is also easy to attach and stands out in traffic, which still had to be made. Cor set to work and after a few years of testing and refinement, he developed the current yellow Limited Hearing sign. We are of course very grateful to him for this!

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