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Are you hard of hearing or (sudden) deaf?

Our Limited Hearing items help you show that you can’t hear (well) – when you like and where you like. Be inspired by all the examples we give of situations in which our items have been utilised.

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Limited Hearing Sign - advantages 

1.   It cuts the number of times you have to actually say that you don’t hear (well)
2.   People have more understanding for the problem (for example, in traffic)
3.   Language is not a problem – this sign is clear, the world over.

Our Limited Hearing items basically announce the problem, to those around us, they can see that you are (sudden) deaf or hard of hearing. All items clearly show the Limited Hearing sign: a stylised blue ear on a yellow background with a dotted X in red. The cross (the X) leaves the actual level of hearing open. This make the sign suitable for both the hard of hearing and (sudden) deaf.

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